Tips about heroes

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Tips about heroes

Post by Danger on Fri 7 Jul - 17:33

  • Dyna can cancel for herself balthor hammer if you trigger her spell as soon as balthor starts to hit.

  • Spells can be used while frozen

  • Ozzy and Iriel can cancel ice if they teleport while frozen

  • Ozzy and iriel keep the forest armor buff if they are teleported from a forest

  • If your troops are spread (i.e. bow + melee hero) and if you give and order, they will first regroup and then move to the aimed spot, so don't spam orders else troops will be stuck.

  • Wesley can be hurt by ennemy wesley poison lantern

  • You can teleport Ozzy above walls in Niros with good placement and above river in Pesri. And almost above all the other small walls

  • Stone circle, deer, tumb and lantern can be teleported by iriel.

  • Freya's ice gives an armor boost to frozen ennemies. Don't freeze if u are short in time and have to kill a small amount of troops to reach beacon.


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Re: Tips about heroes

Post by don brutal on Sat 8 Jul - 4:07

You can first summon the deer and then use it as an stepping stone to teleport Ozzy. With strong ozzy, this can be efficient to kill a single separated enemy group.

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